Monday, March 18, 2013

What is Manscaping

Manscaping is defined as the removal of male body hair.  However; manscaping is more than just hair removal, it is the correction of those imperfections that every man has and desires to remove.    As women have mommy makeovers for after their child bearing years and the effects it had on their body, modern manscaping can improve a man’s physical appearance as well.  To begin, in the more traditional sense, laser hair removal can remove unwanted hair from the neck, chest, back or any region that is desired.  Several treatments are required but the results can be amazing. In other cases, manscaping can involve a little Botox injections to soften those deep lines on the forehead giving a more relaxed and youthful appearance.  Sometimes a filler, such as Juvederm, can be added for the deep lines by the mouth, again removing the signs of aging and restoring a youthful look.

In some cases where there is excess skin on the upper eyelids or puffiness under the eyes, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can remove the extra skin and puffiness giving a refreshed and younger look.  In those cases where dieting and exercise have not been able to remove unwanted fat, Smart-Lipo, laser assisted liposuction, can improve the look of the chest, abdomen, love handles and even the neck. Here a laser is used to melt the fat and then cause a tightening of the overlying skin to give a more defined look.  In some cases it is that bump, or crocked appearance of the nose from an old injury that is causing some concern.  Using rhinoplasty, the nose can be straightened and the bump removed to provide a more attractive appearance.

As you can see, women are not the only one’s concerned about how the look and now with manscaping, men now have the same ability to change their appearance. As you know, when you look good, you feel good. So call today for a free consultation to improve those issues that have been your concern in a confidential and relaxed atmosphere.

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