Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Breast Lift or breast Reduction

Many women come in to the office seeking breast surgery to enhance their appearance.  Some are seeking breast augmentation, but others are seeking a lift or reduction.  They are confused about exactly what procedure they need and what that procedure will do.  So let’s talk about a lift first.  With aging, childbirth and some other conditions, the shape and position of the breast change.  The droopy breast many women present with is called breast ptosis, this means that the breast is no longer positioned on the chest in its normal position.  In this case, a breast lift or mastopexy is needed.  There are various ways to perform this procedure depending upon how low the breast is on the chest.  The lower the breast position the more skin removal is required to shape and elevate the breast to a more natural appearance and position.  In a mastopexy there is no removal of any breast tissue.

Breast reduction surgery, reduction mammoplasty as it is called, is performed on a breast that is larger than one would like and results in a smaller shapely breast.  Many times there are associated physical complaints related to the large breasts such as back, shoulder and neck pain, poor posture and shoulder grooves from the bra straps. In many cases the large breast is lower than one would like, and as part of the reduction procedure the breast tissue is elevated to a more natural position.  The large breast tends not to have an aesthetically pleasing shape.  In the reduction process, the tissues is also reshaped to give a more aesthetically pleasing shape. 

Breast lifts are purely a cosmetic procedure, purely designed to enhance the appearance of the breast, not for any medical reason, as such mastopexy procedures are not covered by insurance.  Breast reduction procedures that meet the requirements of the insurance company can be a procedure that is covered.  There are many restrictions or limitations that the various companies have for authorization of this procedure and it is best to check with your individual company for their requirements.

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