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There are many terms that are used to describe the technique of laser assisted liposuction, laser lipolysis, smart lipo, laser liposuction, just to name a few.  All these techniques use a laser of varying wavelengths to melt the fat making it easier to suction out.  Yes, they all require some component of traditional liposuction.  The laser makes it easier to remove the fat with less tissue trauma.  And less tissue trauma means faster healing, less bruising and faster return to normal daily activities. The other benefit of using the laser is that the heat generated in the tissues by the laser stimulates the collagen and elastin fiber to tighten.  This tightening effect can give the better definition to the contours that are being created and help to improve the laxity of the skin.

There are many laser liposuction systems that are currently being used.  The most up to date is Cynosure’s Smartlipo Triplex.  Early laser liposuction systems used a single wavelength to melt the fat and had very limited power levels.  The second generation combined two different wavelengths in an attempt to melt fat more quickly and provide some more skin tightening.  The third generation, Triplex, used three different wavelengths, used separately or in various combinations to achieve the best possible results.  Here the goal was to use the combinations of wavelengths that most easily melt fat in the deeper levels of the tissues and then the other wavelength combination to the heat the skin to achieve the maximum skin tightening possible.

Laser assisted liposuction can be used in all areas of the body that traditional liposuction has been performed in.  It should be noted that laser liposuction is generally used in cases of small volumes to be removed and where contour refinement is more desired.  There are some additional risks with using the laser from heating the tissues too aggressively.  All the risks of traditional liposuction are also possible with laser liposuction. 

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  1. Laser Liposuction involves less bruising and a quicker recovery time. And new research presented at the annual meeting of the American society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Washington, D.C., suggests laser liposuction also results in the much-coveted skin-tightening effect.