Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Choosing your Surgeon

Choosing your Surgeon

There are many physicians who are now performing cosmetic surgery in the United States who have little to no training in Plastic Surgery.  The current status of medicine in this country is causing physicians to go outside their training and perform cosmetic procedures. Training in Plastic Surgery requires a minimum of six years of training, in general surgery and then plastic surgery.  To become Board certified requires the completion of the required residency training and the successful passing of a written exam which tests the informational base of a candidate.  This is followed by an oral examination which tests the candidate’s ability to problem solve and think on his feet while under pressure.  It is only after both exams are successfully completed that one can become Board Certified.

 When looking for a cosmetic surgeon there are some key points you should look for.  What is his Board Certification?  Where does he do his procedures?  Does he have privileges to perform those procedures in a hospital?

The answers to these questions should be the following:

I am certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  The American Board of Medical Specialist recognizes this as the Board that covers cosmetic surgery.

I perform the procedures in the environment that is safest for my patients.  That may be in the office or out-patient facility for minor straight forward procedures, but in a hospital for larger procedures or on patients that have significant medical problems.

I have privileges in an accredited hospital to perform the procedures that I plan for you.

By asking a few simple straight forward questions, you can learn a great deal about the qualifications of your surgeon.  Anyone who will not answer these questions in a clear and concise manner, may not be the one your trust your body to.

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